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Living Streams Labradoodles
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What you will receive with your puppy:
  • AKC and or ALAA Pedigree records on parents.

  • Pictures of puppies from birth to 8 weeks.

  • Full course of worming every two weeks.

  • Dew claws removed.

  • First set of vaccinations given.

  • Socialization with "Training High Achievers" program and "The Art of Raising a Puppy".

  • Crate training started.

  • Puppy door/house training started.

  • Character assessment through temperament testing.

  • Record of vaccinations and worming.

  • Puppy toy/blanket with littermates smell.

  • Bag of dog food/ Basic Food mix and Health powder recipes on request.

  • Two year health guarantee. 

  • Lifelong support

I will only hold a puppy with a deposit recieved!  If you are serious about a puppy I recommend Fed-Ex or PayPal to ensure your deposit arrival.

Labradoodles are still a very new popular breed and reservations fill quickly!!

Deposit reservations are on a first-pick arrival basis according to color and gender.  I do believe in matching a puppy temperment to family type.  Final puppy matches will be   announced after temperament testing is completed!
Please contact me for more information.  

We reserve the right of pick of the litter for improvement of our breeding program.
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Please find below information on what comes with your Living Streams Puppy.  Please be aware I am extremely picky about who my puppies will go home with.  Only the best forever homes will be considered!  We are looking for committed puppy parents - you will have your Living Streams Puppy for the next 10-15 years!  Please complete a puppy application to start this process.
Adoption fees for a Living Streams Labradoodle or Goldendoodle
Please bear with me as I have put off posting my prices for quite some time!  I understand "shopping" for a puppy, but please remember these are lives we are dealing with and I do NOT support puppy mills and many times these are the places that offer puppies at a low, low price.  Please be careful~!  I also can see the other end where breeders are charging an enormous amount of money and not putting in the care and the amount of time that is required to raise a healthy happy puppy!  I am COMMITED to working hard to provide you with the very best puppy I possibly can.  I agree the Doodles are still very spendy, thus I believe you should receive an excellence above the rest!!  Not only have I spent a tremendous amount of time researching Doodles, pedigrees, breeding, genetic testing, etc., but I also put a great deal of effort into their nutrition and training before they leave our home.  I am committed to raising Labradoodles and Goldendoodles that are an excellent example of the breed for years to come.  Please e-mail me for information on adoption amounts.  Prices are dependent on the type of generation you are most interested in.

2017 PUPPY PRICES * subject to change, please check to confirm prices.  
American/Aussie Multigenerational Labradoodle - $2500, A $500 deposit will hold a puppy. 
Australian Double Doodles - $2200, $500 deposit will hold a puppy.

This includes any size, gender, or color - I would rather match a puppy's temperament to your family than color, gender, etc.  Price should not be an issue when making puppy matches.  I understand the Aussie Multigens are expensive, this is due to the pedigree and the stud fees I incur when doing these breedings.  They are truly remarkable dogs! 

*Please let me know if we have previously discussed a price ~ 

The Difference in a Living Streams Labradoodle/Goldendoodle?
  • Moms and Dads are raised with us or in guardian homes with constant love and daily training and exercising.  Happy dogs make happy puppies!

  • Moms and Dads are fed a high quality dog food, homemade Basic Food Mix, and NuVet Supplements.  Health is my utmost concern and I strive to feed as natural as possible.  

  • Moms and Dads have genetic health testing completed!  I will not breed dogs that do not pass their screenings!  Ask for copies of test results... not all breeders do this!  (this is a very expensive process!)

  • Puppies are raised in my dining room with daily love, interaction, handling, and TONS of hugs!  Beds are kept exceptionally clean so puppies learn to go potty on papers and eventually outside, not on their beds!!  

  • Puppies are moved to a puppy yard at 5 weeks learning to go potty outside using a puppy door.  Most families tell me puppies only have one to three accidents once in their new home!

  • Bathing, grooming, blow drying, and clipper training.  Your puppy has a start to be ready to go the the groomer when you bring them home.  

  • Crate socializing starting at 5 weeks.  Socializing with noises, outside, inside, vacuum, lawn mowing, etc.  Ready for the flight home to you!  Most puppies will sleep almost through the night within the first week.  

  • My commitment to you to work the hardest I can to provide you with the best possible puppy!!  I stand behind my puppies 100%!!

It really is a LOT of work to raise puppies as I do... ask my family!  There is a ton of labor that is involved 24/7.  Any reputable breeder will tell you that raising puppies is the hardest job they have ever loved!  Lots of sweat, tears, and joy!

Please NOTE:  Due to the small amount of litters I have per year- please be patient with any refunds necessary.
The BREEDER reserves the right to refund or reimburse any monies owed to the BUYER after the next litter has sold.
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