Living Streams Labradoodles  &
Visiting Living Streams


My goal is to have my puppies and dogs available to visit.  After years of breeding now I realize I do need to make a few adjustments to my policy.  Due to the amount of visitors I have had I have decided I need to make some boundaries both for my puppies welfare and my family.  Please realize this is my personal home.  I am not a store front business.  I do have a tremendous amount of visitors.  I really truly do enjoy having you all here, but I do need to set some time aside both for my family and taking care of my own doggies.  Please understand we are a private family and like to have family time just like you!  Visitors by appointment ONLY!

Currently I will allow two visits per week when I have puppies available!  No visits available on Friday or Saturday (by exception only).   I am available most Sunday afternoons! 

I am reviewing my policy on visiting puppies under four - six weeks old!  In my last litter I had a little girl get very sick after a few families had been here to visit.  It is unknown why, but it is not worth risking puppies lives.  I will be getting the advise of my local area vets as to whether visitors during this crucial time is wise or not!  Please bear with me!

Again, I truly enjoy visiting with all of you!  I have met the most wonderful families and believe I have made some wonderful new friends over the years!  Please call for an appointment!

Thank you again ~ Blessings,

Jodi Rio