Personal reference/breeder/friend

I have known Jodi personally for many years as she is a dear friend of mine. 
I am very impressed with the integrity that she has always had in her personal life, being carried over into her passion, love & care of her dogs. She has chosen great care in her breeding stock, choosing those with the conformation and temperament that would improve the breed. She has spent much time and research in the development of her breeding program in every aspect, including the genetics and feeding of her dogs and the raising of her puppies. 
Her family is involved in the whole process of socializing each and every one of the puppies, knowing them well for the final placement into the appropriate homes. You can feel confident in her ability to choose the puppy that would best suit your desires in the wonderful breed of the Labradoodles. 

Veterinary References:

Florence Vet - 406-273-3111
Blue Mountain Vet Clinic - Dr. Reedy or Heidi  - 406-251-4150
Burnt Fork Vet Clinic - Dr. Kaufman or Barb  - 406-777-0075
Please e-mail me if you would like to personally contact any of these past puppy owners or references!

Living Streams Labradoodles
John 7:38
Hope x David Puppy July 2005

Dear Jodi,

   Jason and I wanted to extend our thanks… we are absolutely loving our Norman (boy #6).  He has a wonderful personality and has been very mellow and so far very easy to train. He loves to be out in the snow, and to sit on our front porch every morning and watch the world go by. He is growing very fast and everyone is so surprised at how big he is. His front paws are huge!  He makes us smile and laugh every day, we feel blessed to have him! 

    We wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and the very best in 2006. 

                              Mary and Jason Ellis 

Merry Christmas from West Virginia!

Bill, Nanette & Lola Brinkley 
Hope x David Puppy July 2005

Dear Jodi,
Thought you might like to see how much I have grown. Today I went for my 14 week shots and I weighed 23.3 lbs. I am having a good time living here, I am very happy. I am a good girl most of the time, although, I get in a little trouble sometimes. Hope all is well in Montana, it snowed in the mountains here last week. Hope all my brothers and sisters are as happy as I am. We will send more pics later.


Skeet x David Puppy July 2005

Hi Jodi and Family,
Just a quick note to let you know Lena went in for her second vet visit and had a glowing, healthy report!
She weighs 29 pounds and her teeth, fur,  and "innie"  look great.  She was so mellow and has won the hearts of everyone at the clinic.
She even had her first haircut...a little under her tail and by her innie.
Still can't begin to tell you how much joy she has brought to us!  Those long legs have her taking (sometimes up to two) walks a day in the park.  Which reminds me, she is due for one right about now...
Keep sending photos of her siblings and I will do the same as I take more.

Hi Jodi and Family!
Our "babies" are growing up so fast!!  Just finished taking Lena for her daily romp in the park (where she flushed up a rabbit and was very proud of herself) and realized we having written to each other for awhile.
She got her rabies vaccination on Tuesday and according to Dr. Ginger could be the "poster puppy for teeth brushing".  She is so easy to train - and so even tempered.
She went up north a few weekends ago and Craig said she was in her element.  She stayed close by and enjoyed taking naps by the wood burning cook stove.  He is taking her to Puppy Kindergarten on Wednesday nights and is doing well socializing with other pups.
We couldn't be happier!!
Any snow yet your way?  Think the last of the leaves will be down this weekend and we have only had a few frosts.  Can't wait to see Lena's reaction to snow...sure her wavy black hair will keep her more than warm - as well as the kids having her just as active as they are!
All our best to you and your family-

Skeet x David Puppy July 2005

Hi, Jodi! Ours is named Maverick... and the name suits him fine! That
should tell you something about his personality! He's about 35 pounds
right now, and I'm guessing about 22" also. He's an awesome dog who is a
joy to have.

 Thanks again, and Sue & I send you our prayers for a great Christmas!

Todd Garrison

Hope x David Puppy July 2005

Hi Jodi,

     Just wanted to send you some pictures of Benny and let you know how blessed we are to have him.  He has fit right into our family and is definitely the man of the house!  We can't imagine life without him.  He is so sweet and such a blessing and that is evidence of the great job you did raising him and praying over him!

    Thanks a lot and Be Blessed!!!
Jeanette, Caroline, & Benny

Skeet x David Puppy July 2005

Hi Jodi,
We're having so much fun with Bella.  She's adorable, smart, has loads of energy (unless we've been running around outside and then she comes in and naps for a while), and we're both in love with her.  The photos attached were taken the day after she arrived.  
Today marks our first week with her and I'm giving her a bath.  That ought to be fun and interesting!
Hope you're doing well with the rest of her littermates.
Take care and thanks again,

Skeet x David Puppy July 2005


So far everything is great with the puppy.  The naming decision was a tough one.  We couldn't decide between Skeeter and Montana so we let the kids decide and they chose Tanner.  I believe he is very happy in our home and the kids are head over heals in love. 

Russell McCardle 

Sarah x David Puppy January 2005

Katie PetersenSunday, 12/4/05, 6:19 AM
Hi Jodi! Just wanted to let you know I enrolled Rio into a hiking club. You can see photos of her on quickpaws.net. She is in the Tuesday hiking paws with Charla who owns Quick Paws. She has only gone once so far (see November 29th photos), but Charla said she is really impressed with how well behaved Rio was on the hike. Since were working graveyards, we wanted Rio to get some play time in while were working. She made buddies with a black poodle named Molly. She and Molly have the same build, but Rio has a beautiful boxy head and the Lab personality. We have been working with Rio retrieving ducks and just got some pheasant wings to start training her on flushing. She loves the brids!! I'll try to get you some good photos. We have some of her on the raft this summer, she fell off the raft a couple times, but loved every minute of it. Once she discovered the river, we had problems keeping her out! We have been throwing retrieving bumpers across the river and she gets them every time! Every time I take her anywhere I get a ton of compliments on her and have been singing your praises and telling people how to get a hold of you. We will have to get together soon regarding breeding Rio. She should be coming into her first heat soon and she is going to have awesome puppies!! She is becoming really affectionate and is really mellowing out even at 11 months. Hope all is going well at your home. I will probably see you at the Christmas party! Take care, Katie
From:Missoula, MT

Skeet x David Puppy July 2005

This is Skeet and Lu together!!  What wonderful dogs they are!!

Rob writes :  Thanks....yep....sweet as can be...no nipping, barking, etc.  

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Maggie x Judah         February 14, 2007

Dear Jodi,
As you may well know I have recently received a  golden doodle puppy from Angela.  I want to take a minute to thank you first for connecting  me with Angela.  What blessing she has been!!!!
When I first decide to get a new dog I pretty much knew what I wanted but was unsure of how to go about finding a golden or labradoodle.  I started visiting many different websites and began emailing each one with  questions. Most of the answer  were the same but  I was attracted to yours site simple by the testimony that it represents, one that honors God. After emailing you and requesting an opportunity to visit, you had me make arrange with Angela as there was a conflicting our scheduling. 
It was a great meeting, we enjoyed seeing Maggie and Noel and visiting with Angela. At that point Maggie was taking her time coming into heat.  Angela continued to email me with updates. Once Maggie became pregnant Angela continued with information regarding Maggie's progression.  It was comforting to know that she had not forgotten about us.
It was an exciting day to get that email that Maggie had finally delivered her puppies.  We continued to be blessed with tons of emails with pictures of the newborns as the grew into puppyhood.  It was so much fun to see a new email from Angela, it was always the first one that I opened. They always made me smile and gave me a sense of knowing my future pup.
I was very impressed when Angela emailed me that temperament testing was going to take place.  I had no idea what that was as in the past I have always just picked the cutest pup out of the litter.  She encouraged me to read "The Art of Raising a Puppy" which I have and have learned a lot.
Once the temperament test was done, Angela contacted me with what she thought was the best choice for me. I understand that you help her with testing and the decision making process.  I could not be more pleased with the pup.  She is perfect.  She has such a sweet personality and just a gentle nature about her.  I am amazed and grateful for your experience in breeding such outstanding dogs.
I again want to thank you for not only raising such quality dogs but having people such as Angela part of your guardian program. She is such an encouragement and delight to talk with, I have enjoyed her so much.  It makes me a little sad to know that I won't be getting any more of those delightful emails with puppy pictures but maybe I can return the favor to her and send her pictures of my new family member.
I will be forwarding a copy of this email to Angela as I want her to know what a wonderful experience she has made this for me.
Many Blessings to all of you,
Claudia Mattingly

(February 14, 2007)
Kairos x Judah   February 19, 2007

I had been considering a Goldendoodle for several years, and after losing my 14-year-old Scottish Terrier, I began looking for a Goldendoodle in earnest.  I spent many hours on the Internet, researching the breed and breeders. I was surprised by the vast differences in breeders using the Internet.  One site featured pictures of what appeared to be a warehouse full of cages – not what I was after – while others required purchasing a puppy a year in advance.  I finally narrowed down my search to a handful of breeders across the US and after speaking with Jodi initially, and then Crissy, I knew I had found what I was looking for in a breeder.  Fortunately for me, Kairos had a six-week-old litter and there were a few pups still available. 

Through several phone calls and numerous email correspondences I learned a great deal about the breeding program at Living Streams. I was impressed with the medical screening of the sire and dam for genetic disorders, the care in breeding, the meticulous attention to every, important detail and perhaps what impressed me most was knowing that these pups were being raised by a family, in their home and not in some isolated cage.   

Crissy, was incredibly patient with my constant email and phone call questions. In fact she encouraged me to ask questions. I also appreciated her interest in what kind of home I could provide for one of her “doods.”  I was kept informed all along the way with pictures and information and finally after the temperament testing Crissy suggested a match made in heaven.  

I drove from Salt Lake City to Great Falls to pick up Cooper and was greeted by a very happy gang of 11 puppies and Kairos. Cooper came home with me already doggie-door trained and after two weeks home seems to be house broken. Amazing! 

I would recommend Living Streams to anyone looking for a Goldendoodle or Labradoodle. No one could be more nervous about making the right decision about a breeder than I was.  I am glad I did my research and then found Living Streams, Crissy, and Cooper. 

Kim Blackett
Hope x Judah January 22, 2007

Jodi -
I can't begin to tell you how much we're enjoying our new puppy, Talulah. . . "Lulah" for short. I'm not sure how you've managed it, but clearly you've discovered the secret to breeding the smartest, sweetest dogs on the planet. After only two nights of whining and 3 of getting up to let her out, she sleeps the entire night, quietly in her kennel in my room. She runs to the door and looks at me when she has to go potty, she "sits" for her treats and she understands "no" very well. She's affectionate with the kids, and LOVES her daily walks around the neighborhood. She's a little shy with other dogs, and wasn't too thrilled to meet Maris' 1st grade class. . . all adding to her unassuming sweetness.
Thank you SO MUCH!! I've given your name and MANY praises to everyone that meets Lulah - I wish you much success and happiness.
Dawn, Raleigh, Maris, William & Talulah Ward

Hope x Judah February 2, 2007

Good morning, Jodi -
As the days go by, we grow to love our girl, Talulah even more! She's so funny, and continues to amaze us with how smart and willing to please she is. I'm pretty sure she thinks the kids are her "pack siblings" - She plays hard and snuggles well! Her favorite game is to take a toy from William. . . Or a sock Maris is trying to put on, and run quickly away. If they don't run after her to try and get it, she comes back slowly with her prize in her mouth, teasing them. It's soooo cute! She's had so much fun in the snow, too! Yesterday she displayed extremely loyal "guard dog" characteristics to a stranger walking by. . . Glad to see that as well. We'll get some pictures this weekend - Thanks so much again for this wonderful puppy!!

January 7, 2007

Hi Jodi. This is Carolyn. It has been too long between when the girls and Jeff found Tikvah at the airport in her little crate and now to tell you how much we love her. Of course, she has full status as a family member and proves it by hopping onto our big, full bed whenever she wants--to sleep or just listen to us read to the girls. She plays hard with her dog friends, loves--just LOVES--to hop around like a bunny in our deep snow and is the kennel's (aka, a boutique hotel for dogs--new in Truckee) absolute favorite customer (when we go out of town, we leave her there, and she RUNS to get inside the door of that place, wagging more hip than tail; the owners and employees yell, "Tik!" when she squeezes through the door, dragging me behind). She weighs 35 pounds now and the vet expects her to grow a lot more...We're in training classes (also at the kennels); she eats like a queen; she loves to rest in low, tight places, like under our kitchen's portable island and under our bed; she takes showers with us to get clean (perfectly behaved, though afterward she runs crazy through th house until she's emptied of water); she never nips at the kids anymore and she's learning "Here" and "Wait" (begrudgingly--she has her own agenda when it comes to playtime and interruptions).  She's scheduled for spaying next week (we waited for a LONG time!) and we just plain love her. I'm sorry for leaving you outside that very sure fact for so long. We're going to put together a few photos and send them to you--a project for the girls. Thank you for understanding my negligence...time flies. And one of the most wonderful thing about Tikky is she came to us on the very day my friend died, September 7th. In my saddest hours and days, I was up with Tikvah in the full moonlight, thinking of Sarah and caring for Tik. It was a good way to distribute that emotion. Thanks again, Jodi. Love, Carolyn
Sarah x David Puppy

Dear Jodi,
Monty is a darling and life with him (and Rick, my husband) has been sweet.  However, it has been an extemely difficult year.  In August my mother passed away and just last week, my father passed away.  Illness and death has a significant way of making you really appreciate life and the sweetness it affords.  Anyway, it looks like you have been busy, as usual, producing and loving very special doodles.  I've attached a recent pic of Monty.  He is about 90 lbs now, and as you well know, will be 2 years old in January.  He is healthy, full of fun and keeps us laughing.  He is sweet natured, loves to travel, and knows what I'm thinking/feeling even before I do.  He is a true-blue, loyal companion of the highest grade.  Thanks again for giving him birth and life.  I hope all is well with you and your sweet family.  Love, Launee
November 25, 2006

Retrired 2007 ~ 
Now just a Farm Dog!
Hope x Ben Puppy 2006

Hi Jodi,
shadow is the perfect dog for us. She has been great. Today we took her hiking-up to 3000 Meters. I will download a picture of Shadow with some of the group. Julia really loves her a lot and so do Jim and I. She is so smart and easygoing. Julia was singing "The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music" and holding Shadow up on her hind legs to sing. Shadow tolerates all of this attention.  She hardly ever barks and makes it through the night without having to be let out to go to the bathroom. We let her out at 6:30 and she does her business and runs back into the house. We have not attended an official dog training class as of yet-but she comes when called, and sits. She also spits out objects if we say :Phooey and clap our hands.
Great to hear from you and we will check out your website to see more photos of the new litters.

Faith x Judah Puppy 2006

I have a severe dog and cat allergy for many years, with brief exposure triggering wheezing and often bronchitis.  I had little faith in the claim of a hypo allergenic dog.  The trial exposure to the lab/poodle cross female and pups went very well, I played with them and handled the pups for about 20 min.  And expected a response of wheezes and throat tightness.    Penny, our dog, has very low shedding, even when combed out after a bath.  I have had no allergic response to this dog.  She has a very soft, silky coat that does not shed on furniture, clothing or floors.  I have allergies to many environmental sources, this has been a breeze!
Deb Corrigan

Penny is a joy, bright and easy to train.  We have had no problems with allergic responses, and I can even brush her out after bathing her.  Thank you so much for our new family addition.  She will hopefully produce beautiful puppies for your other families.  Her copper color has become richer as she grows, our “copper penny girl”.

 I hope I can arrange for a time when we can bring Penny down or have you come and see her (the boys would like to come down especially if you have puppies).  I have attached pictures to this email


Penny, Sean, Erin, Debby and Tom
UPDATE Christmas 2006

Shannon, I have a severe dog and cat allergy for many years, with brief exposure triggering wheezing and often bronchitis.  I had little faith in the claim of a hypo allergenic dog.  The trial exposure to the lab/poodle cross female and pups went very well, I played with them and handled the pups for about 20 min.  And expected a response of wheezes and throat tightness.    Penny, our dog, has very low shedding, even when combed out after a bath.  I have had no allergic response to this dog.  She has a very soft, silky coat that does not shed on furniture, clothing or floors.  I have allergies to many environmental sources, this has been a breeze!


Try a visit to Jodi’s female lab/poodle and evaluate this fun dog for yourself.

Deb Corrigan
Sarah x David Puppy 2006

Hi Jodi-I know you love all your puppies but I just wanted to let you know we got the perfect one.  We named him Otis and he makes us so happy.  He looks like a lab but he's a little shaggy and he's always happy and his coat is so cuddly soft and he loves to lay around by the fire with us and watch American Idol.  He is a poster dog for you every saturday at Petsmart.  People constantly stop and ask what he is and comment on how cute he is.....puppy class is going very welll.  the labrador puppy owners are jealous because Otis gets the task on the first try and then he wants to play.  He always looks to be smiling.  My ten year old, Jackson, is his favorite and they have bonded forever.  Will send pictures soon. 
Kris Stratford, Missoula

Sarah x David Puppy 2006
I consider myself very lucky to have found Jodi and her breeding program!  I researched for a long time before I chose a breeder.  Originally I wanted a dainty, cream female pup, but my BIG, RED, Rosco, has been just about the perfect dog for me.  At a year old he’s now between 85 and 90 lbs.  Thank you, Jodi, for helping me pick him out of the litter.  He’s a wonderful, happy, mellow dog, very smart and quick to learn.  Just the temperament I wanted!  And if that wasn’t enough, Rosco’s also GORGEOUS!  I highly recommend Living Streams Labradoodles for the care the take in choosing healthy breeding dogs with great temperaments and how well they care for and socialize their puppies.  Jodi is knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and stands behind her health guarantee!  I must have emailed her a dozen times a week before I got my puppy and frequently afterwards, bombarding her with news, questions, and pictures of my adorable Rosco.  She always took the time to respond and was very helpful.  You really can’t go wrong with a Living Streams puppy! 

Adina Pearson, Walla Walla, WA
March 5, 2007 TapuAB@ah.org
Hope x Ben Puppy April 2006 

I thought you might like to see a few pictures of Sienna as she approaches her 1-year birthday. She is a lovely dog and has brought so much joy to our family. A perfect size for my 11-year-old son who likes to wrestle and play with her -- they are great friends! Sienna is about 38 lbs. and does not appear to be growing anymore. We are so pleased with her and wanted to share with you how well she is doing.

Hope x Judah puppy  11/19/06

We keep in touch by looking at your web page. If we get in your neighborhood this summer or Fall we will stop by with Emma.  She is such a delight and is getting to be really well behaved.  We adore her!!!  And she is still so funny!
May 12, 2007
Kairos x Judah   February, 2007

If you are looking for a Goldendoodle breeder and you are reading this letter, let me assure you that you couldn't get better than Living Streams Goldendoodles.  I personally asked Crissy if I could write a testimonial letter, because I feel so strongly about recommending them. When we were first searching for a new family member, I looked at every Goldendoodle breeder website in the US and Canada, and I contacted several. Some of them never bothered to get back to me, while others made me feel uncomfortable. When I finally found Living Streams and saw a picture of Kairos's litter, David, my 13 year old son and I knew we had found the right place.  Every puppy in the picture was beyond adorable, so David immediately sent Crissy an e-mail.  He copied and pasted the picture we had seen and wrote, "I WANT ONE OF THESE!" and ask her to call us immediately. Within about fifteen minutes, Crissy had returned his e-mail and called us back.  She was so sweet and understanding about our excitement. She answered all our questions and more.  I was very impressed with the testing that was done on the parents and the fact that the puppies were being raised in their home. 
    That was only the beginning of what I feel is a lifelong friendship.  Crissy is one of the most caring and dedicated people I have ever known.  (Though we have never met in person, I consider her a friend.)  She always promptly answered my many e-mails, sometimes several a day, for the four weeks that we waited for the puppies to be ready. She was always sensitive, patient and well informed. After the personality testing, she picked out what I think was and is the perfect dog for us...our Oscar. I was so nervous about him being shipped, but when we picked him up at the airport he was clean and happy with no "accidents" in his crate. 
    Oscar is the sweetest, cutest dog in the world. He loves to play fetch with my son, and loves to cuddle with me while I watch TV. By his third night with us, he slept from 10:00 PM until 7:00 AM and has done so every night since.  He can sit, lie down and shake paw. I don't know who gets more kisses...him or us.  We go for long walks in the park where he is famous with the regulars.  Everyone who meets him says "I want a dog like that".  They all say he looks like a stuffed animal and some say he looks like a lion cub!  He loves to ride in the car with us (he has his own little seat belt that he doesn't mind at all).  Whenever I drop off one of my kids, he is so concerned that I am leaving them behind. 
    We've had Oscar for almost eight weeks now.  He seems to adore everyone in the family equally and we can't imagine life without him.  Crissy has been there for us all along.  I have many questions and she always promptly answers them.  I send her pictures of his progress and she shares pictures of his siblings.  I feel so fortunate to have found Crissy and Living Streams Goldendoodles, and I believe that Oscar and our family were meant to find one another. If you have any questions about your future "baby", please feel free to contact me at winihiller@aol.com.  I wish you all the best in your search and hope that you will be as happy with your choice as we are.
Winnie Hiller
Rio x Mars   June, 2007
Hi Jodi,
I am Paulina from Appleton, WI.  We got a dog (Rusty) from Rio's and Mar's June litter. I hope you and your family and dogs are all well. Rusty is doing great, he is a wonderful dog. It's funny that the kids named him Rusty because he turned much lighter (too late to change names!). He is also very small, he is 6 months old today and only 22 lbs. He was always healthy and ate well, so I guess it was in his genes. Anyway, I thought you might find this information useful (size and color change) to know what to expect from your litters. We got our first snow today and Rusty had a blast. He was really funny, eating the snow, rolling and running. The pictures are not very good, but he wouldn't stand still.
Take care,
Paulina Farias 12-2-07
Rosco passed his Delta therapy evaluation this Sunday (11-18-07) and I'm so proud of him!  I can't wait to get started on our therapy visits.
It's not the best picture as it was taken with my camera phone, but feel free to post it on your testimonial page!
Rosco the Delta Therapy Dog!!  
Taylor x Mars   July, 2007
Hi Jodi,
Just sending another picture of Sunny.  He is finishing up puppy classes this week and doing quite well.  The trainer said that he has the BEST temperment.  He just walks in like he owns the place.  The other pups are definitely more nervous and a couple are VERY "barky".  Sunny just sits at my feet and waits for the next practice command or treat (I know in the temperment test he was not considered "food driven", but I assure you that has changed!!) 
He is still the sweetest, most mellow boy !!  We don't even crate him at night anymore.  He just sleeps in his large, comfy Eddie Bauer dog bed...a designer bed for our little designer dog !!  We already had the bed, but our little poodle lets him sleep there...of course, she sleeps in our bed to have a break from her little brother, Sunny.
We bring him to church on Sunday since we are gone from 8-1 and we don't crate him in our van anymore either.  He has not been destructive AT ALL.  I think we have only had one pencil destroyed, but otherwise all our furniture, shoes, kids toys, etc... are fully in tact.  I can't believe we have had him for over 2 months now.  We are excited about what he will look like as an adult.  He reminds me so much of momma Taylor.
Anyway, have a good week.  I tell everyone about you and our little Montana "cowdog".
God Bless,
Melissa and Family

Rio x Mars   July, 2007
Hi Jodi,

Thought you might be interested in a three week update on Ku’a (Rio #7). 

As you predicted, his energy level came up quickly after he adapted to his new home.  It took about a week.  He still sleeps a lot during the middle of the day, as expected from a puppy, but his wakeful times are full of energy.  A neighbor commented on how energetic he is!  He so loves doing whatever the kids are doing, especially if it involves water, digging in the sand, or chasing something.  Even watching TV is cool when he is settled down.  He returns a thrown ball nearly 100% of the time when he is in the wake mode. And every dish of water is experiences with his paws first.
(abbreviated note - jr)
House training has gone pretty well.  He has had a few accidents here and there, but mostly he barks a little when it is time to go outside.  We still are working on this.  He sleeps nicely through the night in his crate next to our bed (with a potty break at 10 PM, 2 PM, and 5 AM).  He is a very mouthy puppy.  So much so, that the kids try to stay away from him when he is “wild” because he bites.  We are working on this, but any advice you have would be welcome.
What a great puppy.  A real joy to have in the family.  Thanks again for all of your efforts.  We will send some pictures when download from the camera.
Lance, Kim, Chris, and Nick Seefeldt 8-17-07
Taylor x Mars   July, 2007

Hi Jodi,
I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you we absolutely love Sophie!  She is perfect!  We laugh and laugh at everything she does.  She seems to have adapted very quickly and very well. She rips around the yard at the speed of light..... a little like a bull in a china closet at first but getting much more coordinated. Same thing in the house except she slides around the tile floor when she plays with her toys which include us.  She sleeps well at night.  I take her out around 4am and that's it until Pat gets up at 5:30.  You made the perfect choice for us.  We truly could not be happier!
You are great at what you do!  Thank you, thank you, thank you! 
 I will keep you updated always! 
   Kelly 9-16-07
We are loving Sophie!  She is a great road tripper, sleeps all night, sits, and is learning to come. She is growing so fast - she does not fit in the crate we brought her home in!  It was just 10 days later and she is to tall and long!  She loves the our place on the Bull River with tons of room to run, sniff, plow  and roll in anything she can find.  She is no help at all when it comes to planting seedling trees!  Pulled those little trees out of the ground and ran like the wind!
I cannot wait to let her play with other dogs.  I can tell she really wants to.  I have her scheduled for shots Oct 5. 
Jodi, thanks again for everything.  What a great addition to our lives!
   Kelly Frank
Taylor x Mars   July, 2007
Hi Jodi, 
thought you might want to see Max.  I cant believe he's 12 weeks already.  He is such a great dog, every day we say how lucky we

Thanks so much!  Keep in touch.  Michelle, Ashley, Josh and Jake Smith
Hope x Judah   July, 2007
Thought I'd send an email update-WE LOVE OUR MAGNUM!  He is just turning out to be such a sweet boy---definitely a "mama's boy" right now--just like your doggies, he has to be by my side in the house-same room, often snuggling up to my feet while I work in the kitchen or computer. 
What a lovely dovey---perfect personality match for us---he doesn't even flinch when the decibel level goes up in the house with the girls and they have learned to pat gently and give gentle hugs along with telling him "no bite", putting a knee up for "off" and "give"; Julia had it down from the get go, and now Mikaela is getting braver each day--holding her own.  He is mellow with new people, so much so that everyone who comes over says how really calm he is for a puppy and they can't believe he doesn't jump up...yeah! 
Jen, Dave & the girls
(kisses from Magnum) 10-13-07
Retired in a forever family home
Retired in a forever family
Retired in a forever family home
Forever LOVED! Maggie Maggie!
We will Miss you!!
Retiring to our forever family home
Retired in a forever family home