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David x Sarah Puppy 2005 (Monty)

Hi Jodi,
Oh, my gosh! I'm in love! Monty is such a wonderful dog! I just love him... He is settling in very well! His first two nights with us have been absolutely perfect. He is sleeping the night in his crate, no accidents, waking me up around 5:00 to go out to potty - what a darlin! He is sooo sweet and gentle. He is eating well (I did make some of the basic food, and ordered his Nu-vet supplements). I've got a checkup scheduled with our vet here for Thursday. After the vet check I will transfer his microchip into my name. He is going potty outside very well. In fact.. I couldn't ask for anything better.

Thank you so much again for all your efforts and hard work. I truly believe I was "led and guided" to you and Monty. I can't really express the sweet joy I have experienced... but it is truly awesome. I have truly been blessed...

Monty is doing so well. He's so smart. He's totally potty trained. He goes to the door and either barks, scratches or whines to go out. He only had 2 pee accidents the first week he was here and hasn't had any accidents since. He never went pooh in the house. He's such a bright one. And, he does a zillion commands already... sit, down, stay, come, off, up, kennel, speak, fetches the paper from the driveway all by himself in the morning, gives high 5's, and more! He hikes with me and attends puppy class. In puppy class he is the bravest, happiest, most confident, and silliest pup there. What a star!

Much love to you! Blessing to you and the family! Thanks again...

David x Sarah Puppy 2005 (Tucker)

I will keep you posted on his obedience classes and progress. I am going to start contacting the Therapy Dog association here in Memphis this summer about Tucker. I am so very pleased with Tucker! He is a great dog, and I know that I will enjoy him and his companionship. I took him with me last week when I got my hair cut, and the people there went ga-ga over him! He sat there patiently while I got my hair cut! Of course, everyone in the shop was playing with him and petting him. Everyone who meets Tucker says that he is the cutest dog they have ever seen! Thanks for doing such great work and caring for your dogs and pups!
Teresa Faulk

Well, Tucker is a year old! It's hard to believe. He is a big fella, too - 103 pounds! And he is quite handsome. Such a good personality and temperament and really great with kids. Great with adults and other dogs, too. I really enjoy Tucker - he makes me smile and laugh everyday! He's great therapy for me!

His obedience is going well. I am still going to try to do therapy work with him. I think I am going to work with him for another year before we start that. I am considering doing some agility training with him because I think he would really enjoy that. I'm going get an x-ray of his hips before to make sure there are no problems.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital here in Memphis has a dog show every year. I took Tucker just to walk around and look and expose him to different situations. Boy, was he popular! People would come up to me and ask me what kind of dog he was and where did I get him, etc., etc. The people who handle the Hollywood dogs rushed right over and asked me all kinds of questions. They said he would make a great movie dog!

I see Sarah and David are going to have another litter. I am tempted, but I don't think I can get one this time. I had to put my 11 year old chocolate lab, Ben, to sleep Thursday. He developed DCM (Dilated Cardiomyopathy), and it really progressed fast. I am heartbroken. He was a great dog, and I will miss him terribly. He and I had a special bond, and he was a great companion. Tucker misses him too.

Do you anticipate Sarah and David having another litter next year? They produce really handsome dogs. I saw pictures of Tucker's siblings you have on your website, and they are all so good looking.

...Meanwhile, I have attached some recent photos of Tucker. Please feel free to post them on your website and do not hesitate to send anyone my way for a recommendation. Enjoy the pictures!

Thanks and God Bless!
Teresa Faulk

Sarah x David Puppy 2006

Hi Jodi-I know you love all your puppies but I just wanted to let you know we got the perfect one.  We named him Otis and he makes us so happy.  He looks like a lab but he's a little shaggy and he's always happy and his coat is so cuddly soft and he loves to lay around by the fire with us and watch American Idol.  He is a poster dog for you every saturday at Petsmart.  People constantly stop and ask what he is and comment on how cute he is.....puppy class is going very welll.  the labrador puppy owners are jealous because Otis gets the task on the first try and then he wants to play.  He always looks to be smiling.  My ten year old, Jackson, is his favorite and they have bonded forever.  Will send pictures soon.
Kris Stratford, Missoula


Thought you might enjoy seeing a couple of photos of Jessie at 8
months.  She has grown into a wonderful companion.  She is still very
much a puppy but we have made great strides in training her and she
is a huge part of our lives now.  We are starting to think about a
second dog.  This fall when we have time to work with a new puppy
again we may contact you and see what litters you are expecting.

Greg and Janet Lilly

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