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Living Streams Labradoodles
                                                                                                                        John 7:38
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"Living Streams Sunny"
Austrailan Muligenerational 

Color: Cream
Size: 14" tall & 25 pounds
Hips: Good
"Sensational Spitfire Fritz"
Austrailan Muligenerational 

Color: Red
Hips: OFA Excellent
Elbows: Good
CERF: Clear
PRA:  Clear
vW:  Negative
Play DAY!  Thank you Kay Bjork for the beautiful pictures!!
Below are a few pictures from a past puppy litter, ENJOY~!!  Puppies should look very similar.
Reservation List:
1.  Hudson Family
2.  Taylor Family
3.  Rio Family
4.  Vaulet Family
5.  Martinez Family
6.  Palmer Family 

Sunny delivered six new baby boys!  Yes all six are gorgeous boys!!  :)
Here are pictures and testimonies of Maggie past puppies.  (Sunny's mom)  Puppies should look very similar.  
SO CUTE!  :)
Boy 1 ~ Red Collar
Boy 2 ~ Orange Collar
Boy 3 ~ Black Collar
Boy 4 ~ White Collar
Boy 5 ~ Yellow Collar
Boy 6 ~ Brown Collar
Hi, Jodi! Our Lilly is doing great! She is now 2 years old and is such a loving, cuddly dog. She is great with children and loves to run and play. She is incredibly smart and very tuned in to our family, knowing when someone needs extra love and attention. She now weighs about 30 pounds and is 16 inches tall from her feet to shoulders. She did have some kidney trouble around 6 months of age, possibly a reaction to some medication given after being spayed and having some dental work done (4 teeth were pulled because they were coming in very crooked). She is now doing fine and is very healthy. We love her so much! She is the best dog we’ve ever had!


Left picture is Harley:
The attached pictures are from Harley's second Birthday Party as you can see the great grandkids had a great time and opened her presents. Harley is the best dog I have ever had and I adore her!!!!!!! She is perfect in every way!!!! She is a little shy with men at first but when she gets to know you she is great!!! G Kingston

Right:  Archer is 36 pounds, just over 1.5 years. He's very quiet, smart but stubborn. He plays well w other dogs and is gentle with small kids. 
He's the love of my life. ~ A. Morey

Hi I'd be happy to send you pictures of Norman he is the love of my life is the best buddy anybody can have he weighs about 54 pounds and from the ground to the center of his back is 20 and a half inches tall he has a personality like no other and is beyond smart he loves to cuddle he loves to lay in your lap he likes to be with family will follow you to the end of the earth and he doesn't shed if I could I get 3 more of this breed love love love him. ~ Linda Livesey
Boy 1 ~ Red Collar
Boy 2 ~ Orange Collar
Boy 3 ~ Black Collar
Boy 4 ~ White Collar
Boy 5 ~ Yellow Collar
Boy 6 ~ Brown Collar
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