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Below are Sugar x Fritz Puppies from last year!  
Absolutely gorgeous and so very sweet!!!
Hey Jodi!!! I am going to send you some pics of Charley!! Amazingly sweet and hilarious! Lots of energy and he weighs 35 lbs!!!! I have to send the pics individually from my phone though!!! Hope your doing great. Xo

Michelle Dowler
Hi! This is Christine Rommereim. We adopted Bogey, the orange collar #7 male. Where do I begin? We are in love with Bogey! He is smart, funny, amazingly cuddly, adorable..😍. He is great with all of our grandchildren, including our 1 year old, who is extremely tiny but loves to hug Bogey! Bogey is extremely patient with him, but plays rambunctiously with our 5 year old twins and 6 year old. 

He is willing to try anything as long as he is with us. The latest is an ATV which we bought a harness so he can be seatbelted in the back seat and go with us. He loves it!

The personality tests that were performed on him ran true. He is a people pleaser, NOT a watch dog, shows no interest in fetching or swimming. The only time he gets in the water is if I'm in the water 😀. He would be on my lap or at my feet all day if allowed. He is a great hiking companion, able to go long distances without running off. Also, he doesn't bark, which was a pleasant surprise. The only time he barks is if he's playing with another dog. 

He weighed 35 pounds at 1 year of age. I am happy to give references if anyone wants to talk with an owner. I also will be giving your information to prospective owners, as many of our friends have expressed interest when a litter becomes available 😀

Hi Jodi, 

We named our puppy Rufous as he has some red in his coat. Mostly he is wheat colored. He weighs 22 pounds, is healthy and loves to run. He is very smart and people oriented. Everything you promised. His coat is soft and very attractive. Beginning in May, once a month, we have taken him to the groomer for a short hair cut. His fur tends to matt and Cheat Grass is a problem. We plan to let his fur grow this winter. He is well proportioned. He looks most like a poodle. Fine boned and long limbed. I will send a picture later as they are on a different device. I would recommend his personality to anyone as he is a confident and happy dog. Again thank you for your attention to this aspect of breeding. When neutered he tolerated the procedure well and recovered within two days. Good luck with the next batch. ~ Pamela Shore
Hi Jodi!

Love seeing Birken on you sites.
I saw that you Birken's parents will have more pups!. We think they are great parents.
Here are a few more photos of Sugar and Fritz's adorable offspring! You are always welcome to use them. 
She is holding at 25-26 pounds and such a great buddy on all our adventures and family time. We have been having fun sharing her with all our company this summer!
Hope you are having a great summer too!


 All these gorgeous photos by Kay Bjork

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Sunny X Cato 
 November 22nd, 2016
Going Home Jan. 14th!

Five Babies!

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"Living Streams Sunny "
Austrailan Muligenerational 

Color: Cream
Coat: Wavy Fleece
Size: 14", 25 lbs
CERF: Clear
OFA: Good
"Living Streams Cato"
Austrailan Muligenerational 

Color: Red
Hips: OFA Good
Elbows: Good
CERF: Clear
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Beautiful babies arrived!! We have FIVE new puppies!  
3 - Girls, 2 - Boys!!

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