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This is a beautiful Montana sunset across from my house!  What a blessing it is to live here!
Meet Dudley ~ Hope and Faith's brother!
First Generation Labradoodle.
This our house and back yard in the summertime!
Hockey in the backyard! 
We love Hockey!~
Meet Scooby Do
Same mom as Hope and Faith out of a different litter. 
First Generation Labradoodle.
Wintertime in Montana!
We just took new pictures 11/30/04!  Hope is getting more cury by the day and Faith is growing her curls back!  I did take a new pic of Faith!  Better one!   Sarah though is just so photogenic!  What a beautiful LAB she is!  Still trying to catch Hope as she SMILES!  She is the funniest!
Faith for Christmas 2004!
First Generation Labradoodle
Christmas break ~ new skis and play day with Sarah, Faith,
and Hope!
Above:  Faith's FooMan frozen!  Right:  Sarah love to retrieve!
John 7:38
Living Streams Labradoodles
These are pictures of First Generation (F1) Labradoodles
Coats vary from flat to wavy, some shed and some do not. 
Above all they have absolutely WONDERFUL temperaments! 
Beautiful Hope in the Snow
First Generation Labradoodle
Meet Taylor ~ My newest girl - Sweet Girl!
First Generation Labradoodle
These are pictures of Second Generation (F1B) Labradoodles
These coats are nonshedding and allergy-friendly, Wavy to curly!
This is my first litter of F1B Labradoodles~ what beautiful puppies!
More pictures~ Misc. pictures of our doodles and where we live!