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Sarah x David Puppy January 2005

Rio is 1-year-old now and is doing wonderful at retrieving!  Please see below for her testimony!  Jeremiah and Katie shave her underbelly in hunting season to keep her clean and she loves the water!  Rio will be coming back to have F1B puppies for Living Streams in Winter 2006!!

Katie PetersenSunday, 12/4/05, 6:19 AM

Hi Jodi! Just wanted to let you know I enrolled Rio into a hiking club. You can see photos of her on She is in the Tuesday hiking paws with Charla who owns Quick Paws. She has only gone once so far (see November 29th photos), but Charla said she is really impressed with how well behaved Rio was on the hike. Since were working graveyards, we wanted Rio to get some play time in while were working. She made buddies with a black poodle named Molly. She and Molly have the same build, but Rio has a beautiful boxy head and the Lab personality. We have been working with Rio retrieving ducks and just got some pheasant wings to start training her on flushing. She loves the brids!! I'll try to get you some good photos. We have some of her on the raft this summer, she fell off the raft a couple times, but loved every minute of it. Once she discovered the river, we had problems keeping her out! We have been throwing retrieving bumpers across the river and she gets them every time! Every time I take her anywhere I get a ton of compliments on her and have been singing your praises and telling people how to get a hold of you. We will have to get together soon regarding breeding Rio. She should be coming into her first heat soon and she is going to have awesome puppies!! She is becoming really affectionate and is really mellowing out even at 11 months. Hope all is going well at your home. I will probably see you at the Christmas party! Take care, Katie

From:Missoula, MT

Hunting Doodles

YES~ Doodles LOVE to hunt!! 
Please send me your pictures and testimonies  of doodles hunting!!
Hi Jodi and Family,

Just a quick update on Lena and her history as a "hunting doodle".  As you can see she has been doing some pheasant hunting with Craig...and...drum roll, please...SHE IS GREAT!!

He is so thrilled with her endurance and soft mouth.  He has also tried grouse hunting with her - often walking up to three hours on a warm day and she hangs in there, nose to the ground, staying close.

We couldn't be happier with her abilities as a hunter and her companionship as a family dog.

She is going in for her first professional "haircut" tomorrow by a friend that grooms and shows dogs for a living.  Even after a day in the brush she stays pretty free of burrs.  We did have a bad deer tick season - the Minnesota trade-off for a low mosquito infiltration.

Not sure we will get any duck hunting in this year, but more weekend game farm pheasant hunting is planned.  Let us know if you are ever in our neck of the woods so we can prepare a pheasant feast for you!

Hope all is well with you all and your home is filled with the joy of 4-legged balls of doodle fur!


Since the hunting season is winding down I thought that I would send you an update and some pictures of Lena.  It was a fun and fast year!  I started with a shy, timid and inexperienced dog who was trying to figure out all these smells and sounds and closed out the season to real pro.

In particular, yesterday’s hunt was exceptional.  Lena hunted close and very thoroughly.  Because conditions were so dry, several times she had to work for 10 minutes or more, covering lots of ground before she locked in and flushed the birds.

The second to the last flush will have a lasting memory.  She worked up a small pheasant and flushed it.  The hunters weren’t exact dead eyes and winged the bird which sat down about 100 yards away.  With all this excitement I was able to call Lena back to heel!  We then went up the hill to where the bird was and being a cripple, Lena chased it down a very deep raven and into the river where she retrieve the bird.  By the time I got to the bottom of this very steep bank, Lena was in the water carrying the bird up and down the bank looking for a place to get back on shore (the shore line in this area in a 5ft. straight drop into the river).  I worked my way upstream to an area that I thought Lena could manage and by the time I got there she had leaped up but left the Pheasant floating down stream.  After all this I thought the bird was lost and that no way would Lean go back after it since I have done no water retrieving with her.  I brought her to heel, marked and sent her after the bird, which she eagerly retrieved and brought back to hand.  So, she now has her first Pheasant water retrieve under her belt!  My hunting buddy watching this whole episode was pretty impressed!

After yesterday, any apprehensions that I may have had that Labradoodles can’t hunt are gone.  I’m just sorry that our season is just about over.

I am very happy with how our first year went.  Lena has turned out to be a great family dog and a good hunting dog.  I thank you for taking the time and care to breed such a fine animal.  Please continue to breed these creatures from good hunting stock, because they clearly hold their own in the field and I be back for another in the future.

We wish the Happiest of Holidays for you and your family!

Craig Knoll & Lean
UPDATE:  10/2008
YA for Rio!  She did great her first duck/goose hunt!  What a CHAMP!!
Nice soft mouth too!