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Hope x Judah Puppy 2007

Hi Jodi,

It was nice to hear from you.  We got on your web page to see if we could find any comments from her brothers and sisters.  I think we saw one... Taloula.  Emma sounds so similar.

She was completely housebroken in the first week and slept through the night the third night.  She loves playing outside and is enjoying our huge yard here in Fort Collins.  We recently had a fox sleeping 20  feet up in a magpie nest in a pine tree in our backyard, so we keep a good eye on her.  But most days she sits on our deck for some time surveying her domaine.

She sits, comes and will also obey the down command with the appropriate hand signals.  She also knows no, but has a great sense of humor about socks and shoes.  She likes the game of us reclaiming them, so we are learning to ignore her or tell her to drop it, which she will.  She is great around the house though and leaves most things alone.

She weighs about 24 pounds.  I am beginning to think she may be a big girl, but we are still hoping for 65-70 pounds.  Do you think that is a reasonable hope.  We will love her whatever, because she is a terrific dog.  She loves trips in the car.  She supervises.  And I swear she understand plain English.  She has stolen our hearts.  She is also a clown and entertains us with her antics.  She sits on our yoga cushions with us as we have our morning coffee and she often will sit and sleep as I do a morning yoga session... Unbelievable for a puppy.

She loves long walks and we take her daily.  We have a State Park at the bottom of our hill which is a wonderful place to walk with her on trails.  There is also a huge lake and I can't wait for warm weather and swimming.
We will keep you posted as she grows.

Hope x Judah Puppy 2007
Ann Harris
Hope x Ben Puppy 2006 "Shadow"
Located in Germany!!
Hope x Ben Puppy April 2006

I thought you might like to see a few pictures of Sienna as she approaches her 1-year birthday. She is a lovely dog and has brought so much joy to our family. A perfect size for my 11-year-old son who likes to wrestle and play with her -- they are great friends! Sienna is about 38 lbs. and does not appear to be growing anymore. We are so pleased with her and wanted to share with you how well she is doing.