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Penny - Faith x David Puppy 2006

Penny has been doing very well.  We had her to the Vet the first of the month and her weight was 52 lbs.  The Vet thinks that she is doing very good after her examination on Penny.  I have some pictures, before and after, of her hair cut.

Take care

The Corrigan’s
Debby, Sean, Erin, Penny, and Tom  3/1/07


Shannon, I have a severe dog and cat allergy for many years, with brief exposure triggering wheezing and often bronchitis.  I had little faith in the claim of a hypo allergenic dog.  The trial exposure to the lab/poodle cross female and pups went very well, I played with them and handled the pups for about 20 min.  And expected a response of wheezes and throat tightness.    Penny, our dog, has very low shedding, even when combed out after a bath.  I have had no allergic response to this dog.  She has a very soft, silky coat that does not shed on furniture, clothing or floors.  I have allergies to many environmental sources, this has been a breeze!

Try a visit to Jodi’s female lab/poodle and evaluate this fun dog for yourself.

Deb Corrigan
Penny at 8-weeks-old
Penny at 6-months-old
Penny at 6-months-old (after haircut)