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Florence, Montana  59833 

Thank you for selecting Living Streams.  The following questions will aid us in our research and help us to determine if a Labradoodle or Goldendoodle is the right type of dog for you.  If you have additional information that may assist us in choosing a puppy that will compliment your family, please be sure to fill that information in the last question.  
Once your application is completed be sure to hit the submit button at the bottom of the page and we will respond to your application as soon as possible.  Thank you!

Please e-mail me when you have completed this application! 

Name & ages:








           Living Streams Labradoodles
Dog Preferences:
Coat type:
Families with allergies I recommend either a fleece or wool coat!
Are you interested in a specific litter, please list sire/dam:
Family information:

Do you or anyone in your family have allergies/asthma?  If so how bad?  Please explain exactly as possible.
Do you have children?  If so how many?  Exposure to dogs?
Have you ever owned a dog before?  From a Puppy?
What breeds and what happened to them, please explain.
What is your level of expertice/training with dogs, please be honest!
Do you work outside of the Home?  Full time, part time?  
What is your lifestyle?  Please explain.
Do you own any other animals?  If so please explain.
Do you own or rent?  Acreage size?
Do you have a fenced yard?
email me
Puppy Committment:

Are you aware of the time and energy needed care and train a new puppy?   Will you accept this responsibility
Will the cost of caring for a puppy fit comfortably into your budget? 
(vet bills, quality food, and vitamin supplements)
Are you committed to caring for this puppy for his/her lifetime, 10-15 years? 
Do you understand that the deposit is nonrefundable?  Even if you change your mind?
(Family circumstances/hardships will be taken into consideration)  This is done in order to plan expected litters and limit the amount of unwanted puppies!

Name of your veterinarian or local clinic?
Name and phone numbers of two unrelated non-family references:
I have answered all the above questions truthfully.  I understand that if any intentionally false statements have been given, Living Streams Labradoodles reserves the right to refuse sale.   


We expect as much from our puppy parents as you expect of us as breeders of healthy mild tempered puppies.  Families adopting a Living Streams puppy are to understand the level of commitment that it will take to train and raise a puppy.  The suggested readings are important, as are obedience classes and positive socialization for the well being and future of your new family member.  With the proper balance of exercise, training, and affection you will have years of joy and memories.

Please hit the submit button found below!
Thank you, 
Jodi Rio
Living Streams Labradoodles and Goldendoodles                           
Living Streams Labradoodles  * PO Box 1087 * Florence * MT * 59833
Color Preference:
Second Color Choice:  
How did you learn about Living Streams?
IMPORTANT:  Please don't forget your home and cell phone numbers! 
Have you ever returned a puppy to a breeder, sold, or given a puppy/dog to anyone including a breeder due to behavioral issues?
In the event you are unable to keep this puppy either due to behavior issues or unforseen circumstances you are required to find a new suitable family home.  

Do you agree that this responsibility is yours and agree to notify Living Streams of the new owner?
Do you agree to never placing this puppy in a shelter?
F1BMultigenerationalDoes not matter
Hair Coat- wavy/flatFleece CoatWool
No SheddingMinimal SheddingDoes not matter
Miniature 15 - 17"Medium 18 - 21"Does Not Matter
Yes allergiesNo allergiesMild allergiesAsthma
No childrenYes children, list ages below
Very experiencedModeratedly experiencedNo experience
Home most of the timeWork full timeWork part time
ActiveModerately activeSedentary
Yes, other animalsNo, other animals
YesNoYes, but as an adult
Yes fencedNo fence
Yes, I am prepared and have weighed the commitment necessaryNo - just looking into a puppy
Yes, I am prepared to cover yearly vet maintenence and provide quality dog food/vitamins.
Yes, I am committed to caring for this puppy for his/her lifetime.
Yes, I understand it is my responsibility to find a new home.
I will contact LS with the new owner's information.
Yes, I agree to the nonrefundable deposit.
RedApricotCreamCafe Au LaitBlack
Internet Search
Puppy Ad
Personal friend
Yes, I have returned, sold or given a puppy--if yes explain in detail.
No, I have not returned, sold or given a puppy away due to behavioral issues.
Yes, I agree to never place this puppy in a shelter.