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Living Streams Labradoodles
                                                                                                                       John 7:38

These were a few of our chickens, Pat, Tiny, and Sideways!
Our wonderful milker, sage and her spring babies, Marshmellow, Carmel, and Chocolate.
This was our steer, Bacon,
tee hee, yes we know where real bacon comes from!  Not pictured is Eggs, our other Holstein steer.
The Little Girls! 
Sophie, Rachel, and Gracie. Please visit my Jack web site at
The only STUD in the house - our beloved Steve!
Across the field, this is what I wake up to every morning as I go to do chores!  Thank GOD!  What a blessing it is to live here!
The Back Yard!  See Jacks can get along with ducks!  Steve just tells them which direction to go.
Sarah, left is my new Full Arab!  Below, is Missy my old Arabian/Quarter horse.  Miss her forever! 
I love to ride~and dream of riding endurance!

Left:  Horsie Hello from Montana!
We LOVE to ride!
Our first baby chicks/ducks
Spring 2004.
“We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” 
Romans 8:28
We are His servants;
We never choose
If this tool or if that one
Our hands will use.
In working or in waiting
May we fulfill
Not ours at all, but only
The Master’s will!

Selected from Streams in the Desert
Welcome to Living Streams Labradoodles.  We are located in beautiful Western Montana at the heart of the Bitterroot Valley known for its fertile lands and the incredible Bitterroot River.  We are very blessed to have the Sapphire Mountains at our doorstep and the Bitterroot Mountains at the back door with numerous wild life, hiking trails, and creek drainages.  God brought us to a wonderful piece of land with Three Mile Creek in our back yard!  A perfect place to raise a family including all our four-legged ones!

We are a small family labradoodle breeder focusing on raising healthy, genetically sound Labradoodles with lots of love and attention. All puppies are raised in our home with individual love and socialization.  All parents are health tested clear and puppies come with a two-year health guarantee.  We will always stand behind our puppies!  A Labradoodle is a lifetime family member and we will be here for you!

We breed very selectively thus allowing quality time with puppies and parents!  Health is a priority in our program and we work hard to make sure your puppy receives the best possible care to ensure your puppy stays healthy for a lifetime!   Please see my nutrition page for more information!

All puppies are socialized from day one!! Studies show puppies who are socialized from birth are healthier with improved cardio, stronger heart rates, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerance to stress, with GREATER RESISTANCE to disease!

We raise all puppies on our small ranch located in Montana in the CLEAN country mountain air! All our dogs live with us and have open run of our yard next to Three Mile Creek. Puppies will have crate training and doggie door house training started. All puppies will receive appropriate vaccinations, vet checks, worming, and two year health guarantee!

We raise F1B and Multigenerational Labradoodles on our small ranch with horses and Jack Russells.  We feel very blessed that God has led us to this wonderful way of life.  We have two boys who are growing up way too quickly.  Currently I am a stay at home mom allowing me to spend quality time with all our labradoodles.  I am here 24/7.  We are a small breeder hoping to provide the very best, healthiest puppy to your family.  My desire is to bless others in what God has led me to do. 

I was raised on a small ranch, always loving animals.  Looking back, it seems like God was preparing me for the rode ahead.  I had an old appaloosa mare.  We rode many miles and spent many hours out in the sunshine.  As the years go by, my favorite memory is horseback riding in the Montana Mountains!   I raised sheep in 4-H and trained every dog in our house to do every trick in the book.  My mom had a miniature poodle and dad always had a good hunting lab.   I thought mmm, Labradoodle what an idea!!   

Every step in our Labradoodle breeding program has been a honest prayerful decision.  During the time I was deciding whether to breed Labradoodles God led me to multiple scriptures regarding trusting in Him.  Everything about these girls is totally given to the Lord.  I will do my very best to raise them, but I give GOD ALL THE GLORY for HE truly is GOOD!        

Streams in the Desert. 
June 14, 2004

“I have prayed for you … that your faith may not fail.”  Luke 22:32

Dear Christian, remember to take good care of your faith, for faith is the only way to obtain God’s blessing.

“The promise comes by FAITH, so that it may … be GUARANTEED.” Romans 4:16

Faith honors God, and God honors faith.

These were more scriptures read around the same time we were praying. 

June 16
“My hope comes from him.”   Psalm 62:5

June 20
Whether you turn to the right or to the left your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying , “This is the way; walk in it.”  Isaiah 30:21

When caution dictates one approach, but faith another, we should be still …soon He will reveal by His secret counsel a distinct and unmistakable sense of His direction.  

In closing I want to add that these are beautiful sweet, smart, loving dogs.  They are such a part of our family.  Everything related to my animals is totally given to the Lord.  I will do my very best to raise and take care of the animals God has entrusted to me.      
Jod Rio
A very normal-average person!! 

Graduated from a small town high school in Montana.  Student body president, homecoming queen, and yes, of course a cheerleader too!  Type A personality and I have to be busy all the time!  I had always wanted to be a RN, but decided I would rather raise a family and devote my time to them first!  I worked as a Medical Transcriptionist for close to 10 years until the Lord made a way for me just to be mom and raise my doggies!  Medicine is still a very interesting subject and I am applying my medical knowledge to the dogs I raise.  FACINATING the way God works!

LIKES:  I love to run!!  No, really I do!  I love to ride horses and spend all the time I can outside with my animals.

DISLIKES:  Laundry!!  Teehee, any mom out there will agree I am sure!  Cooking... ask my family!  Anyone wants a good meal, dad is the chef around here!! 

In general, I am a very easy going person and get along with everyone.
My favorite verses!  I pray God will use me and that I will always have a soft willing heart to listen to His voice!
Here is a good link to read the difference in backyard breeders compared to Hobby Breeders!
My goal is to stay a small breeder with the highest ethics and integrity I can achieve!
UPDATE 2009: 
Ok, well most of the info below holds true, expect we have now downsized!  My oldest is off to college and thus downsizing on chores was a necessity!  I now just have my horse, which I love to ride and my doggies!  They definitely keep me plenty busy!  It was so much fun raising animals, I wouldn't trade it for the world!  My boys have learned values that no school can ever teach! 

Typical day on the Rio “Ranch”

6-7:00 a.m.  ~ Big doggies wake up….  Need to go potty!
They wake up little doggies, who then also need to go potty!

7:30 a.m. ~ Boys wake up and get ready for school… well they try to wake up!  Tee hee.
Mom makes doggies breakfast, which includes soaking food with water and goat’s milk, adding healthy powder.  Pregnant mom’s get basic food mix added with healthy powder, homeopathic bitch pills including raspberry leaves, and NuVet health powder. 

8:20 ~ Boys are off to school.  Mom does chores… hay and grain the horses, milk the goat, hay goats, check for chicken eggs, fill water trough!  Hope and pray that it is above 20 degrees today!  Mom cleans doggie yards, water doggies, and cleans doggie room!  Whew!

9:30 ~ Hopefully mom gets to go for a run!  Usually Steve goes along… original running partner who doesn’t like to miss even a day!  Big doggies get to play outside, running, jumping, and playing ball!  Also like to work on at least one obedience training item…  can they sit and stay?  No jumping today!

11:00 ~ With luck mom also gets a shower and ready for the day!  All doggies come in for naps by the computer.  Mom checks e-mails, works on web site.

1:00 ~ Mom feeds pregnant mommas lunch!  This consists of a little bit of dog food and whole wheat bread soaked in goat’s milk along with either elk meat or homegrown beef.  Usually add a little cottage cheese or eggs towards the end of pregnancy too.  Need lots of protein for growing babies!

2:00 ~ Laundry, what a thought!  Ah, maybe tomorrow!! 

3:30 ~ Boys come home!  This makes the doggies day!  Boys get to do pooper-scooper jobs!  Their favorite!  Tee hee.  Homework to be done.  Play with doggies!

4:30 ~ Chore time!  Boys hay horses and goats, water everyone, feed chickens, and check for eggs!  

5:00 ~ Feed doggies again!  Pretty normal with just dog food at night!  Seven dishes set out with pregnant mommas separated to be sure they get all they need and want! 

5-8:00 ~ Most likely we are running to some type of sports practice, either hockey, basketball, football, or baseball!  These boys are busy at ages 15 and 12!!

9:00 ~ Potty all doggies, put doggies to bed.  Mom checks e-mails and web site… does any typing left.  Mom baths a doggie before bed!  What a chore by itself!  Hopefully off to bed before midnight!